Are you ready to take a trip through downtown Boston’s most haunted hotspots? Our stories of haunted locations and ghosts provide a different viewpoint on some of the real history hidden behind the cities past!

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Arrive for an after-dark tour to walk among these spirits, hearing their tales of woe, despair, and death…

Certified US Ghost Adventure Tour

Welcome to Boston, MA!

Boston Ghosts tours are 60 minute tours at 8PM. Please arrive at least ten minutes early and allow plenty of time for parking and walking to the location. Tours are held rain or shine.

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The Boston Ghosts tour is a trek through downtown Boston’s most haunted hotspots. All tours start at 8PM. On our Boston Ghosts tour, you’ll explore both the paranormal and historical worlds of each of our carefully selected tour sites. The accounts on our tour are researched, authentic, and up-to-date to ensure you have the best, most chilling experience possible.


All tours meet at 139 Tremont St, across the street from the Dunkin Donuts at the entrance to the Boston Commons. 
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Boston Ghosts - Walking Ghost Tour



The standard tour route is 60 minutes, 1 mile. Eight different locations are included in our standard tour. The extended tour is 90 minutes total. Our extended tour includes four extra locations, adding 0.7 miles to the distance for a total distance of 1.7 miles.


Boston Ghosts tours are 60 to 90 minute tours at 8PM. Please arrive at least ten minutes early and allow plenty of time for parking and walking to the location. Tours are held rain or shine.


Admission for the Boston Ghosts tour must be purchased ahead of time on our site. Click “Buy Tickets” to bring up the ticket order process, fill the (short!) form out completely, and confirm your reservation, then… you’re done!
You do NOT need to print your tickets or worry about mobile passes! After completing your tour reservation online, you’ll automatically be added to the admission list for your tour time and date. Simply bring your ID with you for us to verify your reservation before your tour begins.

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Lia M.

Review Rating
December 14, 2019

Very knowledgeable and fun. You'll see many sites and maybe even a ghost or two.
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Christye Godart

Review Rating
December 13, 2019

Our guide didn't disappoint! We really felt the spooky vibes on this tour. I will recommend this tour to family and friends :)
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Kayle Wilhelm

Review Rating
October 14, 2019

Boston is a really interesting city and, in my opinion, perfect for a spooky tour like this one! The kids had a really good time too!
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Netta Huey

Review Rating
October 12, 2019

The party size was just the right amount, everyone in our group could hear the guide perfectly!
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What guests will see on this haunted tour

  • The Omni Parker House

    Haunted by its first owner and other notable ghostly guests, the Omni Parker House is considered Boston’s most haunted location. One room in particular has caused so much trouble, terror, and grief that the hotel was eventually forced to convert it into a storage room, lest they risk another guest suffering from a grisly night’s stay in the cursed room. What could possibly drive a hotel to permanently retire an otherwise perfectly good guest room? Discover the details on our tour.

  • Boston Common

    This seemingly placid area is the country’s oldest park. For a century of its long history, Boston Common was the site of hundreds of hangings. Not all of the victims of these executions managed to escape the park, even after death. The grim ghosts of the hanging victims are the least of your paranormal concerns in the Common. Keep your eyes open and your wits about you whenever you’re at this park… or else.

  • Old South Meeting House

    Witness the birthplace of the Boston Tea Party protest and the very American Revolution itself at the Old South Meeting House. This building is of crucially historic importance, but that’s not the only legacy the meeting house is known for. There is a particular spectre that sometimes appears. It always acts as a harbinger of impending death. Or perhaps it’s no messenger of death at all, but instead directly responsible for the string of deaths that have befallen the unlucky ones who’ve encountered it. Tread very, very carefully here and hope you don’t end up seeing this fatal spirit.

  • Old City Hall

    This former hub of Boston’s local government has since become a bustling mixed-use commercial and office property. Because of its historical significance being covered up with the new polish of redevelopment, at least one ghost exacts its revenge for this perceived disrespect for history on visitors. The Old City Hall may be magnificent looking, but watch where you look inside…

Boston Ghosts is a proud member of the Greater Boston Convention and Visitor Bureau

Proud Member of the Greater Boston Convention & Visitor Bureau