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One of America’s oldest cities, Boston has been the site of some of American history’s most exciting events. However, not all of these historic events have been exciting in positive ways—too many have been tragic, disturbing, or just plain gruesome. Dating back to 1630, the city’s earlier history saw a number of executions of Quakers and witches. These hundreds of hangings are in addition to the sadly inevitable deaths by murder and suicide already all too common in such a large, old city.

With so much miserable death and so much history, not every victim has managed to cross over the threshold between life and death. These poor souls have been caught in an eternal state of existing simultaneously in our world and in the world of the dead. Their spirits remain trapped in some of Boston’s most important, heavily frequented locations, with some spirits choosing to take aim at the many living intruders on their territories…

On our Boston Ghosts ghost tour, we’ll take you on an exploration of Boston’s most haunted, horrifying places. While these sites are already unsettling due to the heavy presence of paranormal activity contained within, we underscore the sheer terror of these haunted hotspots by giving you the full story about each one. Not only will you learn how they’re haunted, but you’ll discover who (or what) is haunting them and why. By knowing the history behind the hauntings, the places become that much more discomforting, as you’ll know, no matter how much you don’t want it to be true—yes, you did just see something shadowy in the corner of your eye.

We spare no gory detail in our accounts, but everything you hear from our trained guides is grounded in reality. We strive for fact, not fiction, and carefully research and revise our information so you can leave our tours having been spooked… and also with a greater awareness of the history of Boston and our nation’s beginnings.

Boston Ghosts is a tour suitable for anyone curious about Boston’s haunted history, no matter your particular background. For visitors, you’ll get a sightseeing experience far unlike the average tourist activity. For locals, you can appreciate a new look at the city you perhaps thought you already knew everything about. Lovers of history, the paranormal, or simply those interested in discovering the darkest side to Boston all will enjoy our tour.

After joining us on our Boston Ghosts tour, you’ll leave with:
Deeper knowledge about Boston, its paranormal activity, its history, and its culture
A different perspective on one of the oldest cities in America, and on the nature of the divisions between “our world” and the “spirit world”
Haunting memories from a extraordinary time well-spent

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Why is Boston so haunted?

As mentioned above, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States. With centuries of conflicts and persecutions and generations of different residents, the city has seen an innumerable amount of death. It doesn’t help that Boston had a history of practicing public executions, and executing people for no reasons other than their faith or perceived (not proven) guilt.

So much horrid death has led to the creation and continued existence of countless ghosts that call Boston their eternal home.

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There are some guidelines that we must follow.

  • Remain calm.

    It could be just a friendly ghost saying hello. Don't panic!

  • Be polite.

    These spirits may have been the past leaders of this land. Much like a grandparent, please be polite if you're graced with their presence!

  • Do not provoke the spirits.

    We hear the spirits of the past may be lurking.

  • Stay together.

    As cool as being a ghost may be, please don't become one! Buddy up!

  • Watch your step.

    Again, we don't want you becoming a spirit. ;)

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