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Bridgewater Triangle - Photo

While traveling the highways and bi-ways of Massachusetts, keep in mind that this state has an otherworldly component known as the Bridgewater Triangle. The Bay State is more than just history; it is more than pilgrims and the Red Sox. Twilight creatures of nightmares and shadowy figures lurking in the deep recesses of the woods are also part of this rugged landscape.

This region of New England is imbued with unearthly activity, and it was even before the first Europeans arrived. The Wampanoag, the native peoples of this region, recognized the uncanny presence throughout their lands, but this activity seemed to be focused particularly in a certain area. 

This was a place of unexplained activity and the abode of the dead. The deceased would be placed within these places in hopes that they would continue in the rhythm and flow of the universe. Keeping this in mind, even the aboriginal peoples believed that certain areas were more haunted than others, and at its center was the Hockomock Swamp. 

In the Wampanoag language, Hockomock translates to “the place where spirits walk.” Even today, remnants of colonial burial grounds can be found scattered about this area. To all those who made this region home, this was the place of the dead.


The Bridgewater Triangle


Soon enough, superstition would fade, and civilization would encroach into the forests that were once so feared. Even though shopping malls and schools are now situated within this area, strange occurrences still occur with such regularity that this area has earned a reputation and a nickname. With the popularity of the Bermuda Triangle enigma, New England-based cryptozoologist Loren Coleman named this area the Bridgewater Triangle. 

This landlocked triangle is an area of about 200 square miles within southeastern Massachusetts, claimed to be a site of paranormal phenomena, ranging from otherworldly UFOs being spotted in the night sky to poltergeist activity and other ghostly marvels. There are also frequent reports of mysterious cryptids and strange creatures that should not exist, ranging from sightings of various bigfoot-like creatures to giant snakes and thunderbirds.

Some of the areas of focused paranormal activity within the Bridgewater Triangle related to ghosts include:

  • The Freetown-Fall River State Forest has reportedly been the site of various cult activities and animal sacrifice, as well as an alarming amount of gangland murders and several suicides.

Also within this forest is a place known as Profile Rock. There is a legend that the ghostly figure of a man manifests on this rock, his ghost seen with legs crossed and arms outstretched.

  • Bridgewater State University – this campus seems to be rampant with poltergeist hauntings and reports of full-bodied apparitions wandering the campus.


  • Taunton State Hospital – Paranormal investigators have reported disembodied voices as well as being touched by unseen hands and pulled in certain areas of the hospital by spectral forces.


  • Hornbine School – Built in the 1840s, this one-room schoolhouse is said to be haunted by its former students.


Other Things that Go Bump in the Night


Also within this forest and prowling in these swamps are other eerie creatures:


  • Bigfoot, a nearly ten-foot-tall, hulking bipedal creature with red glowing eyes, has been seen within the confines of the Bridgewater Triangle.


  • A giant snake of near Biblical proportions has been reported slithering or observed coiled and ready to strike within these seemingly cursed woods. Panthers, black in color with hellishly glowing red eyes, have also been reported.


  • If you believe the reports, this is the domain of the Thunderbird, which are described as either prehistoric birds like the teratorn birds of the Pleistocene or pterodactyl-like flying creatures from the age of the dinosaurs.


  • Glowing orbs of light are also seen emerging from the swamp and encountered elsewhere in this region. Often associated with ghosts, these light anomalies are a phenomenon unto themselves, and these glowing lights operate under some sort of intelligence.


  • The Wampanoag also firmly believed that this area was the domicile of the Pukwudgie. The Wampanoag people considered these creatures to be dangerous tricksters. They were diminutive creatures, akin to European faeries in essence, that could disappear at will and attack with poison arrows. They were also known to abduct children.


  • Hellhounds or ghost dogs are also said to roam this region in spectral pacts. They often attack hikers who venture too far into the area, and their howls are sometimes heard in the dead of night.


  • Black cats or panthers are also claimed to stalk the Bridgewater Triangle.


Hauntings in Massachusetts


If you find yourself in the Bridgewater Triangle region of Massachusetts and want to investigate some of the bizarre occurrences reported here, remember that many other travelers have followed in your footsteps and never been seen again. There are times when the swamp keeps its secrets and otherworldly adventurers disappear. 

Some researchers suggest that the Wampanoag cursed this land and that their indigenous magic had conjured spirits to protect their land from interlopers. Others say that Satanic activity in this area has opened a portal that allows demonic spirits to enter our world. Whatever the reason, this area seems to know what you fear and uses this knowledge against you to defend its mysteries. The spirits of the Triangle manifest your nightmares, and they are not easily exorcised.

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