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Cutler Majestic Theatre - Photo

This theatre is located at Emerson College. It can be found in Boston, Massachusetts. The theatre is designed by a man named John Galen Howard. The theatre was built in 1903 and is a Beaux-Arts theatre. When you take a look at this theatre from the outside, it is one of the most breathtaking and beautiful theatres in the United States. The beauty can also be seen on the inside. The beauty of this theatre is considered timeless, however, there may be more behind this timeless beauty. This theatre is one of the oldest in the nation that is still being used. While the theatres are stunningly beautiful, the walls hold more secrets than you may think. There is a dark history behind the beautiful architecture that still lives to this day.

History of the Theatre

It was built in 1903 with a Beaux Arts Style. This was originally built to be used as an opera theatre. It was commissioned by Eben Dyer Jordan who founded Jordan Marsh. Jordan Marsh was a Boston-based department store chain. The theatre was one of three that was commissioned by Eben. The Majestic was converted several times for many different shows. It was accommodating vaudeville shows in the late 1920s and then it was converted into a movie house in the 50s. While the changes were being made, the original beauty was being destroyed. When the film would change, renovations would be done and the original art would be lost.

The theatre was purchased by a man named Benjamin Sack who had renamed it the Saxon. The theatre was known as the Saxon Theatre until 1983. The theatre would show movies until this. The inside of the theatre was redone to model a movie theatre. The original art of the Majestic theatre was tucked away. Sack had decided to close off the balconies and make this a movie-only theatre. However, it was when single-screen movies were not favored that Sacks was in disrepair.

At this point, the theatre was deteriorating. The programming and appearance were taking a turn for the worst. It wasn’t until the mid-80s that Emerson College had purchased the theatre. The college had restored the theatre to its original appearance. The theatre was opened a short nine months after the restoration had started. However, the restoration was not completed until 2003. The college is still operating today as a center for performing arts. This center can be used by the college or the community. The theatre is large and can accommodate about 1,200 people.



The theatre is home to many beautiful shows. It was the host of many different shows from vaudeville shows to motion pictures. However, there is more going on than just brilliant events and shows. This theatre is said to be home to several different spirits. It is said that these spirits haunt the theatre each day.

One of the main spirits that are said to linger in the theatres is that of an old mayor. This was supposedly a former mayor who had died while he was watching a show that was being shown at the theatre. It is said that his spirit still remains in the building to this day. However, that isn’t the weird part. The weirdest part is that there is absolutely no record of this ever happening inside the theatre. However, with that said, this is the spirit that is spotted the most out of any other that is said to be at the theatre.

Another spirit that haunts the theatre is a young couple. This couple will try to make friends with the people who sit next to them or by them. The part about this is that the couple will always disappear before a play gets to the second act. The legend states that the couple died in a car crash after they had left the theatre years earlier. The couple is dressed in turn of the century clothing. This is clothing from the 1900s. They will haunt a balcony that is now unused.

There are also statements that a young girl’s spirit will appear and can be heard crying. However, no matter how much people search for the young girl, she is always just out of sight. They can hear the girl but they can never seem to find her even though she always is heard just around the corner or just in the other room. This little girl is said to be the daughter of the couple who was mentioned above. She too had died in the car crash that killed her parents. It was said that the car accident occurred in the 1930s.

A room called the Nightmare Room is said to be the most haunted place in that theatre. People who enter this room have reported some pretty scary things. They say that they are short of breath and feel uneasy.

A few other reports have also been made. People report that they see a man walking on the grid of the theatre and a little girl who will accept gifts that are left for her to find.

The Balconies

The balconies in the theatre are no longer used due to fire hazards. However, it is said that while they are not used by the living, they are used by the dead. It is said that there is a lot of paranormal activity occurring in the balconies. Plus, the seats, even though they are not used, do not collect dust. This makes it appear as if someone or something is sitting in them regularly.

It is said that the balconies are the most haunted areas in the theatre besides the Nightmare Room. The balconies host a lot of paranormal activities. If you ask people, they will tell you a lot of different stories about the balconies. Most people will state that they see a figure in the middle of the shows and it will suddenly disappear or that it will stick around for a while and be gone the next time they look over. The most commonly seen spirit is that of the mayor who has no record of every passing away in the theatre.


Haunted Boston

This is one of the oldest theatres in the nation that is still functional. It hosts many events for the school and the public. It seats around 10,000 people per year, not including the spirits. This theatre has a huge history that plays a role in the hauntings today. While the theatre is said to be haunted, none of the spirits are harmful or malicious. They are just there to enjoy the shows.

Whether or not you believe in paranormal activity and spirts, you should check out this theatre for its amazing beauty. The theatre was restored to the original 1903 design. This was finished in 2003, however, despite the many renovations the spirits are still lingering around.

Many people are not sure where the spirts came from because there are no documents of anything happening. This means that there is no evidence of the mayor passing away while watching a show or a couple getting into an accident. However, as the years went on, the stories have started and began to circulate. The stories do not change much as the years progressed. In fact, the stories seem to stay pretty consistent about the spirits that are seen. This is why it is believed that they are true.

People who visit this theatre will enjoy the shows and maybe a little more. If you decide you want to check out the theatre, keep your eyes open for a couple dressed in 1900s clothing and the mayor. You may also hear a little girl crying. It is up to you to determine the truth behind these stories. See the theatre for yourself and decide.



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