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Welcome to Haunted Boston, MA


As one of the oldest cities in America, Boston has an amazing spirit-filled history and story-filled haunts, but it’s also known for its brews and booze! The City of Notions is a city of potions. For a historically haunted tour involving booze, brews, and Boo’s that visits some of Boston’s infamous paranormal and tipsy hotspots, try the new Boston Ghosts Boos and Brews Haunted Pub Crawl and get your fill of unique spirits and Spirits you won’t find anywhere else!


Visit Boston’s Most Haunted Bars and Locations


With a deep Irish community, Bostonians are known for their undeniable ability to drink a few of us under the table. Combine their love of beer with the city’s history of hauntings, and we have a haunted pub crawl unlike any other. 


The Cradle of Liberty is home to some of the most significant and horrific events in American history. Though a Sam Adams can turn any history lesson into a party, the ghost of the real Sam Adams is a sobering sight and one you might experience on this adults-only haunted pub crawl of Boston. Leave the kids at home and take a boozy blast through Boston’s past, where the alcohol flows and the ghouls are part of the show.


Discover Boston’s Most Haunted Bars and Locations, including:





The place where everyone knows your name, and the spirits know your fears. Welcome to everyone’s favorite bar and the inspiration behind the hit TV show of the same name. Pull up a stool at the replica bar, grab a beer, and settle in for some unsettling stories about the underground bar. Bartenders claim glasses will occasionally rattle on the shelves, while one has said that beer mugs will slide across the bar with no one around. 


Boston Common 



If you’ve never been on a Boston haunted pub crawl, it’s a walk in the park – a haunted one. Not only is Boston Common the oldest public city park in the country, but it’s also 50 acres of ghosts. Take a tipsy walk to the place where public hangings were a regular part of life. Sightings of ghostly bodies hanging from trees have often been reported, and it’s said that the famous Quaker martyr Mary Dyer has been seen in the park crying, seemingly waiting for her executioner. Don’t let your drinks fool you; that is what you saw in the corner of your eye.


Omni Parker House Hotel



The Omni Parker House Hotel and its bar, The Last Hurrah, is the most haunted place in Boston. It’s said that the hotel’s original owner haunts the 9th and 10th floor, but it’s the 3rd floor that once delivered 1408 vibes. In room 303, which has sinced been converted into a storage closet, was once the site of a man who was tormented by a dark and sinister force that drove him to revert to the bottle. After visiting this stop and hearing this terrifying tale, another drink may be in order.


Old Granary Burial Ground



As teens, it doesn’t get much better than visiting a cemetery at night with a group of friends. Now imagine that, with drinks, and no curfew. On this adults-only haunted pub crawl, we’ll deliver just that with a visit to the Old Granary Burial Ground, home to American icons such as Paul Revere, John Hancock, and Samuel Adams. It’s also home to more than 5,000 souls and sightings of various apparitions, orbs, and shadowy faces. The spine-chilling sounds of disembodied voices are not uncommon, and neither are the cold spots that can be felt at random spots in the cemetery. 


Beer and baseball may be what draws in the tourists, but the history is what put Boston on the map. Boston Ghosts takes you to some of the city’s most prominent locations, but this history lesson comes with spirits and Spirits. Visit the Boston Athenaeum and discover the disturbing memoir of career criminal, James Allen, that’s bound in his skin and resides inside the library. Don’t worry, this visit is followed by a stop at Emmet’s Pub where you can order a pint for some liquid courage to keep going.


Why Choose Boston Ghosts Haunted Pub Crawl


It’s not every night you get a break from the kids. Why not do something different? Boston Ghosts takes you on a haunted pub crawl through downtown Beantown where you’ll hear dark and demented stories of a wicked time while sipping on signature cocktails to help them go down. If you have a free night, here are a few reasons to book your haunted pub crawl of Boston today!


  • You can’t run the Boston Marathon but you can walk a mile; might as well make it a boozy one.
  • You’ve always wanted to experience Cheers like the loveable “Norm.”
  • You’re into history but you’re also on vacation so you need a fun way to combine the two.
  • You want something to do that is strictly “no kids allowed.”
  • You want a fun and unique way to kick off your bachelor/bachelorette party.

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139 Tremont St in Boston Commons
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Approximately 2 hours
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Arrive 10 minutes early and allow time for parking.
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