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Showing Students a Different Side of Boston

The tour brings students to the sites, but do not go inside. Through engaging, unexpected stories, Boston Ghosts show them the side of these locales that isn’t in their textbooks.

The following section of Frequently Asked Questions is directed at educators and parents. If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns about the nature of our tour, please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Boston Ghosts” sounds unsettling. Is your tour appropriate for all students?

Don’t let the chilling name fool you. Our tour is appropriate for students of all ages, grade levels, and backgrounds. We can accommodate K-12 students and college groups alike.

How can a ghost tour also be good for early grades?

We are well aware of the potentially frightening nature of our tour, and we can adjust what stories we tell (and in what detail) for groups of smaller children, and these changes will be reflected by our professional guides.

We want your students to enjoy our tour as much as we enjoy it, not be so scared that they can’t focus.

What’s the educational value of this tour?

Unlike the stereotypical ghost tour, our tour isn’t all scare with no substance.

We cover, in detail, the historical background of every location we visit. We are consistently and intensively researching every single site and constantly update our tours accordingly. We strive to balance educational content with entertainment—we don’t tell merely tall tales, but fact-based accounts.

During our tours, our guides provide the right balance between learning and excitement. They don’t lecture, nor do they overact.

At Boston Ghosts, we share your passion for your students’ education. We want your students to leave our tour having had a great, memorable time, and having learned more about our nation’s history, Presidents, and other pivotal figures in the process.

What about the actual stories? Is there any disturbing subject matter?

Please rest assured, our tour does not cover any material more sensitive, upsetting, or disturbing in nature than what’s already discussed in most history textbooks. We believe the history of the sites we visit is dramatic enough as it is, and we do not go to any great lengths to sensationalize it.

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