Boston has layers of history on every corner. Your tour route has been carefully selected to give you not only a thrilling insight into the hauntings that infest Boston but a rich and immersive history of this New England capital.

You will see the key sites of historical hauntings in Boston. From the Boston Athenaeum and its volume of criminal confessions bound in the skin of its murderous author, to the Province House, the seat of British rule, for a while, and setting for Nathanial Hawthorne’s short story featuring the futile efforts of Esther Dudley, the governor’s housekeeper futilely waiting for the return of the King’s subjects following the revolutionary war.

Each of our locations will leave you with the sights, sounds, and smells of these historic places burned in your memory because you will have been there at night! Every well-researched story will entertain, educate, and stay with you for a long, long time.

To give you a better idea of what haunted sites our Boston Ghosts tours include, here is a sampling of just a few of the 8 or 12 locations we will visit on our tour.

We also included some of the further afield locations around Boston, including the fascinating story of the lady in Black, who haunts George Island in Boston Harbor. These stories are too far away to include in this Boston Ghosts walking tour but did make it onto our blog so that you can read more fascinating stories of Boston’s ghosts.


The external front of the Omni Parker House at night, not visible are the many ghosts that haunt the house.

The Omni Parker House

Haunted by its first owner and other notable ghostly guests, the Omni Parker House is considered Boston’s most haunted location. One room, in particular, has caused so much trouble, terror, and grief that the hotel was eventually forced to convert it into a storage room, lest they risk another guest suffering from a grisly night’s stay in the cursed room. What could drive a hotel to retire an otherwise perfectly good guest room permanently? Discover the details on our tour.

A photograph Boston Common at night, the sky has an eerie purple tone, the common looks haunted...

Boston Common

This seemingly placid area is the country’s oldest park. For a century of its long history, the Boston Common was the site of hundreds of hangings. Not all of the victims of these executions managed to escape the park, even after death. The grim ghosts of the hanging victims are the least of your paranormal concerns in Boston Common. Keep your eyes open and your wits about you whenever you’re at this park… or else.

Boston Ghosts Ghost Tour Meeting Location

Old South Meeting House
Extended Tour Exclusive

Witness the Boston Tea Party protest’s birthplace and the very American Revolution itself at the Old South Meeting House. This building is of crucially historical importance, but that’s not the only legacy the meeting house is known for. There is a particular specter that sometimes appears. It always acts as a harbinger of impending death. Or perhaps it’s no messenger of death at all, but instead directly responsible for the string of deaths that have befallen the unlucky ones who’ve encountered it. Tread very, very carefully here, and hope you don’t end up seeing this fatal spirit.